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FY22 Data Forum Meetings​
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​Inpatient (Discharge) Data

The Inpatient Data Set contains discharge medical record abstract and billing data on each of the state's approximately 800,000 inpatient admissions annually. Hospitals submit data to the HSCRC on a quarterly basis. This data is used by the HSCRC to 1) group patients into DRGs and develop DRG weights used in the MD payment System; and 2) monitor changes in case mix among hospitals; and 3) reconcile, by hospital, to the revenue data reported on the annual cost report.

Outpatient (Ambulatory) Data

The Outpatient Data Set contains medical abstract and billing data on all outpatient surgeries, clinic visits and referred outpatient ancillary utilization (approx. 5 million records annually). Hospitals submit data to the HSCRC on a quarterly basis. HSCRC uses this data to 1) monitor changes in volumes and charges; and 2) reconcile, by hospitals, to the revenue data on the annual cost report.

Inpatient and Outpatient Production Schedules

Zip Code to Residency Crosswalk

This complete Zip Code List contains zip codes, county codes and State designation for most zip codes in the US. The HSCRC assigned a residency status to every zipcode. It includes HSCRC assigned zip codes for Homeless and International patients. Hospitals should use this crosswalk to assign residency to patients

 ​​​Zip Code List ​(July, 2020)​​​