​Hospital Rate Setting


Hospital Rate Orders and Unit Rates

Annual rate reports are provided below. A rate report is an annual report of all rates calculated for each applicable cost center for each hospital for the current Rate Year.

Center codes are the three letter codes which refer to Daily, Ancillary, and Ambulatory cost centers for which hospitals are assigned rates. Center Code Descriptions​ may be helpful in clarifying what the center code means. These cost centers are described fully in Section 200 of the Accounting and Budget Manual - Chart of Accounts​. Each cost center is given a Standard Unit of Measure, which is also f​ully explained in the Accounting and Budget Manual.



FY 2023 ​​​R​at​es​​​​​​ ​FY 2023 Rat​es (Effective April 1)​​​ | FY 2023 Rates by Center  | FY 2023 Rates by Hospital​​


FY 202​2 Rates​​​​  | FY 2022 Rates by Center  | FY 2022 Rates by Hospital​​ ​


FY 202​​1 R​​​a​​​te​s​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​ | FY 2021 Rates by Center  | FY 2021 Rates by Hospital


FY 2020​ Ra​​tes​​​​​​​​​​ ​ | FY 2020 Rates by Center  | FY 2020 Rates by Hospita


FY 2019 Rates​ ​ | FY 2019 Rates by Center  | FY 2019 Rates by Hospital​​ ​-Updated with Approved Rate Orders 2019-07-22

Previous Years



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