Staff Directory

Katie Wunderlich,  Executive Director

Legal Department​
Stan Lustman, Assistant Attorney General​
Thomas Werthman, Assistant Attorney General

Revenue and Compliance
Jerry Schmith, Principal Deputy Director

Joe Delenick, Deputy Director, Hospital Rate Regulation 410-764-2562
Chris Konsowski, Chief, Hospital Rate Regulation, 410-764-2579
Caitlin Cooksey, Chief, Hospital Rate Regulation, 410-764-2570
Deon Joyce, Rate Analyst II, Hospital Rate Regulation, 410-764-2595
Open, Rate Analyst I, Hospital Rate Regulation 

Andrea Strong, Assistant Chief, Rate Setting and Compliance, 410-764-2571​​​​

Dennis Phelps, Deputy Director, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-2565
Chris O'Brien, Chief, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-3675
William Hoff, Chief, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-3448
Wayne Nelms​, Assistant Chief, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-3372

Bob Gallion, Associate Director, Revenue and Regulation Compliance, 410-764-5595

Population-Based Methodologies
Allan Pack, Principal Deputy Director

Geoff Dougherty, Deputy Director, Population-Based Methodologies, Analytics, and Modeling
Open, Chief, Quality and Population Health, 410-764-2594

Nduka Udom, Deputy Director, Financial Methodologies, 410-764-2584
Denise Johnson, Associate Director, Special Projects, 410-764- 5961
Prudence Akindo, Analyst, Research and Methodology, 410-764-8789

Alyson Schuster, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Quality Methodologies, 410-764-2673
Dianne Feeney, Associate Director, Quality Initiatives, 410-764-2582
Andrea Zumbrum, Chief, Quality Analysis and Reporting, 410-764-5591
Robert Chen, Programmer Analyst, 410-764-2652
Quanshay Henderson​, Fellow

Medical Economics and Data Analytics
William Henderson, Principal Deputy Director

Claudine Williams, Deputy Director, Clinical Data Administration, 410-764-2561
Oscar Ibarra, Chief, Information Management and Program Administration, 410-764-2566
Kai-Ing Duh, Advanced Programmer Specialist, 410-764-2654

Amanda Vaughan, Associate Director, Financial Data Administration, 410-764-2597
Karen Teague, Senior Programmer Analyst, 410-764-5927
Irene Cheng, Programmer Analyst, 410-764-2581
Marcella Guccione, Data Analyst, 410-764-5594

Payment Reform and Provider Alignment

Willem Daniel​ , Deputy Director 
Madeline Jackson-Fowl, Chief, Payment Reform

Open , Deputy Director
Erin Schurmann, Chief, Provider Alignment and Special Projects, 410-764-2577
Hannah Friedman-Bell, Analyst, 410-764-5592

Anthony Roberts​, Chief, Grants Administration
Sandra Nkeng​, Provider Alignment Specialist

Xavier Colo, Chief Operating Officer

Latonya Hamilton, Executive Associate, 410-764-3451

Mark Hoffman, Chief, Budget and Personnel, 410-764-2649
Mitchell Coates, Assistant Chief, Procurement Officer, 410-764-2598

Rachel Morris​​​, Procurement Officer I, 410-764-8790

Greg Reeves, IT Manager, 410-764-2520
Osondu Elemuo, IT Supervisor, 410-764-5599

Jason Rhines, Computer Network Specialist, 410-764-