Staff Directory

Katie Wunderlich,  Executive Director

Legal Department
Stan Lustman, Assistant Attorney General
Adam Malizio, Assistant Attorney General

Revenue and Compliance
Jerry Schmith, Director

Joe Delenick, Associate Director, Hospital Rate Regulation
Chris Konsowski, Chief, Hospital Rate Regulation
Caitlin Cooksey, Assistant Chief, Hospital Rate Regulation, 410-764-2570
Andrea Strong, Rate Analyst, 410-764-2571
Deon Joyce, Rate Analyst, 410-764-2595
Karen Teague, Rate and Programming Analyst, 410-764-5927

Dennis Phelps, Associate Director, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-2565
Chris O'Brien, Chief, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-3675
William Hoff, Chief, Audit and Compliance, 410-764-3448

Population-Based Methodologies
Allan Pack, Director

Geoff Dougherty, Deputy Director, Population-Based Methodologies, Analytics, and Modeling

Nduka Udom, Associate Director, Research and Methodology, 410-764-2584
Denise Johnson, Chief, Special Projects, 410-764- 5961
Prudence Akindo , Analyst, Research and Methodology, 410-764-8789

Dianne Feeney, Associate Director, Quality Initiatives, 410-764-2582
Andrea Zumbrum, Chief, Quality Analysis and Reporting, 410-764-5591

Alyson Schuster, Ph.D., Associate Director, Performance Measurement, 410-764-2673
Laura Mandel, Analyst, Quality and Population Health, 410-764-2594
Robert Chen, Programmer Analyst, 410-764-2652

Medical Economics and Data Analytics
William Henderson, Prinicipal Deputy Director

Claudine Williams, Associate Director, Clinical Data Administration, 410-764-2561
Oscar Ibarra, Chief, Information Management and Program Administration, 410-764-2566
Kai-Ing Duh, Advanced Programmer Specialist, 410-764-2654

Amanda Vaughan, Associate Director, Financial Data Administration, 410-764-2597
Irene Cheng, Programmer Analyst, 410-764-2581
Marcella Guccione, Data Analyst, 410-764-5594

Payment Reform and Provider Alignment
Chris Peterson , Principal Deputy Director
Erin Schurmann, Project Manager, 410-764-2577

Latonya Hamilton, Executive Associate, 410-764-3451

Mark Hoffman, Chief, Budget and Personnel, 410-764-2649
Diana Kemp, Procurement Officer, 410-764-2576

Xavier Colo, Associate Director, Information Technology, 410-764-5597
Greg Reeves, IT Supervisor, 410-764-2520
Osondu Elemuo, Computer Network Specialist, 410-764-5599