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General Description of Commission

The Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) is an independent state agency responsible for regulating the quality and cost of hospital services to ensure all Marylanders have access to high quality healthcare. The HSCRC works to achieve the goals under the Maryland Health Model, including developing and implementing innovative efforts to transform the health care delivery system and establishing all-payer rates for all hospital services. The HSCRC's vision is ultimately to enhance the quality of healthcare and patient experience, improve population health and health outcomes, and reduce the total cost of care for Marylanders. According to statute, HSCRC must ensure:

1.  Equitable financing - Public and private payers must contribute equally and hospitals with different payer mixes should have the same financial security.

2.​  Sustainable spending - The hospital rate determination system should secure the financial viability of Maryland’s private acute care and specialty hospitals. 

3.  Cost control – HSCRC focuses on limiting the hospital spending growth rate in a way that saves costs for consumers long-term.

The Commission has 7 Commissioners appointed by the Governor and approximately 48 staff. The 7 members of the Commission are volunteers and are appointed by the Governor. Each member serves 4-year terms. The Commissioners come from a variety of backgrounds, representing consumers, payors, providers, and hospital administrators.  

HSCRC Chairmen and Directors​