Maryland's All-Payer Hospital System Modernization

Physician Alignment and Engagement Workgroup

In general, this workgroup will make recommendations on how the new hospital payment models should align and engage with physicians and other health care providers in partnership with patients to achieve the goals of the new model. The Workgroup will address topics that include:

1. Alignment with Emerging Physician Models
2. Shared Savings
3. Care Improvement a. Care Coordination Opportunities
b. Post-Acute and Long-Term Care
c. Evidence-Based Care

HSCRC Workgroups Descriptions

Physician Alignment & Engagement Workgroup Membership

The Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) has appointed the a diverse group of individuals to serve on the Payment Models Workgroup. The list of workgroup members is available at the following link:

Physician Alignment & Engagement Workgroup Appointments - updated 3-25-2014

Meeting Schedule, Goals, and Documents

The Physician Alignment & Engagement Workgroup schedule is provided in the table below. Additional meetings will be added to the schedule. Please check back for the location and schedule of future meetings. Questions related to the schedule and location of meetings should be directed to:​


2015 Meeting Announcement
Joint Workgroup Meeting and Webinar on the Cost of Defensive Medicine 
Friday, January 9, 2015, 8:30 a.m. 
University of Maryland Carey School of Law

Webinar Recording

This was a briefing on research that Diane Hoffmann (University of Maryland Law School) and Dr. Bradley Herring (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) conducted regarding the cost of defensive medicine and any implications for Maryland's all-payer model. Their research will culminate in a paper that will be submitted to Commission staff. 

Diane and Brad presented their research and allowed for questions for the first hour, and an additional hour was for comments from stakeholders on their perspectives on the topic of defensive medicine and assessment of implications on the new all-payer model.
2014 Dates and Location Meeting Goals Meeting Documents
February 25 
8 a.m. - 10 a.m.


  1. Intros, Overview of Charge & Outline Rough Schedule of Work

  2. Overview of Current Payment Models & Discussion of Issues

  3. Gainsharing & Pay for Performance Overview

  4. Care Improvement Opportunities Best Practices Panel
Meeting Agenda 
Physician Alignment and Engagement Work Plan 
Physician Compensation 
Medicare and Care Improvement Supporting Best Practices 
Effective Stategies for Improving Care, Reducing Hospital Use: Lessons Learned 
Webinar Recording
March 11 
8 a.m. – 10 a.m.

4160 Patterson Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215
  1. Follow-up Discussion on Current Payment Models

  2. Gain Sharing & Pay For Performance: Synthesis of White Papers, Expert Speakers, and Discuss Options
Meeting Agenda

Physician Gainsharing 

Integrated Practice Units 

AMS Performance Based Incentive System® 

Pay for Performance Cy 2014 

Webinar Recording
March 27 

Joint Meeting
9–10am - Phys. Alignment
10-12:30pm with Data Workgroup 

  1. Gainsharing & Pay for Performance: Discussion and Initial Recommendations

  2. Initial Draft of Overview of Current Payment Models

  3. Panel Presentation and Discussion of Care Improvement Data, Analytics, and Predictive Modeling (Joint)

  4. Presentation and Discussion of Care Improvement Opportunities (Joint)
Meeting Agenda 

Discussion Slides - Physician's Group only 

SIM Data Infrastructure 

System Profiling Strategies 

Data Infrastructure for Care Coordination and Predictive Modeling 

Risk Stratification Tool: LACE Index 

Care Transitions Steering Committee 

Care Coordination Best Practices 

Care Coordination Special Needs 

Care Coordination Across Healthcare 

Webinar Recording - Alignment only - 9am 
Webinar Recording - Joint - Part 1 
Webinar Recording - Joint - Part 2
April 10


  1. Discuss Current Payment Models to develop Report

  2. Discuss Gain Sharing options and recommendations to develop Report
Work Plan 

Discussion Slides 

Webinar Recording - 116 MB
May 6


  1. Discuss Current Payment Models to develop Report

  2. Discuss Gain Sharing options and recommendations to develop Report
Draft Report Current Payment Models
May Deliverables
  • Report on Overview of Current Payment Models
  • Report on Gainsharing Recommendations
June 4


  1. Care Coordination Follow Up Discussion and Initial Recommendations

  2. Post-Acute and LTC Speaker(s), Discussion, and Initial Recommendations

  3. Evidence Based Care Speaker(s), Discussion, and Initial Recommendations

  4. Initial Discussion of the Future Role and Workplan for Workgroup
Complete Presentation 

Webinar Recording
June 25
8:30 – 10 a.m. 

4160 Patterson Ave. 
Baltimore, MD 21215 
  1. Follow-up on Feedback from Commission on CMS / OIG on Gainsharing (if necessary)

  2. Finalize Care Improvement Recommendations, including Care Coordination, Post-Acute / LTC, and Evidence Based Care

  3. Finalize Recommendations on Future Role and Workplan for Workgroup

Future Plans 

Final Report and Recommendations Slides 

Final Report and Recommendations 

Complete Packet 

Webinar Recording
July Deliverable
  • Report on Care Improvement, Including Care Coordination, Post-Acute / Long Term Care,
    and Evidence Based Care​


The Workgroup will provide interim and final reports to the HSCRC. Links to the reports issued to date can be found in the table below.

Date Report
June 23 Final: Report on Current Physician Payment Models and Recommendations for Physician Alignment Strategies under the All-Payer Model

Public Comments Submitted to the Workgroups

The Workgroup will reserve time at the end of each meeting for brief comments and questions from the public. The public is also encouraged to submit written comments related to Workgroups at any time. Comments may be sent via email to Below are the comments received by the Workgroup to date.