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Hospital Charge Targets

Charge Per Case (CPC)

RY 2013 Final Targets  (effective 07/01/2012)

RY 2012 Final Targets   (effective 01/01/12)

RY 2012 Final Targets  (effective 07/01/11)

FY 2011 Final CPC Targets (effective 07/01/10)

FY 2010 July CPC Targets PDF | FY 2010 July CPC Targets Excel File (effective 07/01/09)

FY 2009 December CPC Targets   (amended 02/19/09)

FY 2009 July CPC Targets   (amended 02/19/09)

FY 2008 CPC Targets  (effective 07/01/07)

Charge Per Visit (CPV) - Suspended for FY 2012

In June, 2008, the Commission approved the Outpatient Charge per Visit (CPV) Methodology as a means to limit the rate of increase in the revenue per outpatient visit at each acute care hospital in Maryland.

Using base year (previous fiscal year) outpatient data, and after applying exclusion logic, the CPV methodology establishes a 'CPV Target' which is the allowable average charge per outpatient visit for the subsequent year. The CPV target is calculated by adjusting the base year average charge per visit for: 1) hospital specific rate increases; 2) an intensity factor to allow for changes in technology; and 3) changes in case mix intensity as measured using EAPGs (Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping System from 3M).

At the end of the rate year, the actual case mix adjusted charge per visit for each hospital is calculated and compared to the CPV target. The revenue associated with the variance between the CPV target and the actual charge per visit is added or subtracted from approved revenue in the subsequent year.

As of March 2012, the Commission suspended the CPV for FY 2012.