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Hospital Disclosure and Major Reports

Annual Disclosure on Hospital Operations is prepared annually by the HSCRC to help meet its statutory mandate to "cause the public disclosure of the financial operations of all hospitals." The report contains three year's comparative financial information for all hospitals under its jurisdiction with exhibits showing the change between the current and prior year in the following areas: cost per equivalent admission; revenue per admission; uncompensated care; net patient revenue; net operating revenue; and total operating profit/loss.

Governor's Report is submitted on an annual basis, detailing initiatives and system developments.

At the Hospital Determinations Report provides the results of applications by hospitals for a determination as to whether a new outpatient service, a relocated existing outpatient service, or a conversion of an existing outpatient service from regulated or unregulated status is being provided at the hospital and is, therefore, a regulated hospital service.

Financial Conditions Report examines and evaluates the current financial condition of Maryland Acute Care Hospitals. This annual report, prepared by the HSCRC, tracks Maryland hospital financial performance relative to a series of financial indicators and target levels on profitability, cash flow, and cost. The report helps the HSCRC meet its statutory mandate of providing for the full financial requirements of efficient and effective hospitals.

Community Benefits Report, produced annually, is required under ยง19-303 of the Health General Article, Maryland Annotated Code. It is the Commission's effort to address the growing interest in the types and scope of community benefits services provided by Maryland nonprofit hospitals.

Rate Methodology Reporting

Approved Hospital Uncompensated Care (UCC) lists the total reported bad debt and charity care (as billed charges) provided by Maryland hospitals. This is reported on an annual basis and is used by the HSCRC to determine prospective hospital-specific provisions for the funding of uncompensated care.

The Rate Report is an annual report of all rates calculated for each applicable cost center for each hospital for the current Rate Year.

Reasonableness of Charges (ROC) is the standardized combined cost per admission and cost per outpatient visit ranking of hospitals by peer group. The ROC is conducted annually and is used to identify "high-cost" hospitals for further rate action by the HSCRC.