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HSCRC Financial Databases

Annual Report of Revenue, Expenses and Volume ("Annual Cost Report or Annual Filing") is the mandated reporting of every aspect of hospital financial operations based on a uniform accounting format, similar to the Medicare Cost Report. It is submitted annually, 120 days after the fiscal year ends. This report is the basis for 1) the establishment of base hospital rates; 2) alignment of rates to underlying service costs; and 3) comparisons of annual cost growth versus the nation. See the Accounting and Budget Manual for more information.

Center Code Descriptions are helpful when looking at the Revenue and Volume Report so that the reader understands what the center code means. Center codes are the three letter codes which refer to Daily, Ancillary, and Ambulatory cost centers for which hospitals are assigned rates. These cost centers are described fully in the Accounting and Budget Manual in Section 200 - Chart of Accounts. Each cost center is given a Standard Unit of Measure which is also fully explained in the Accounting and Budget Manual.

Audited Financial Statements are also submitted by hospitals annually 120 days after the fiscal year ends. The purpose of the statements is for public disclosure and reconciliation with submitted annual cost report data. These statements are available for review at the HSCRC office.

Revenue and Volumes Report is mandated reporting of hospitals billed charges and related volumes by rate center. This report is also submitted monthly, 30 days after the end of each month and is used to ensure hospital charging compliance with approved rates.

Monthly Financial Data is unaudited data as of the posted date. This data will not be updated.

Wage and Salary Survey Results, reported annually, lists wage/salary and benefit data for 75 categories of hospital workers, and it is used for disclosure and is the basis for the Labor Market Adjustor to account for differences in area wage levels.

Monitoring Maryland Financial Performance (MMFP) Report provides summary information on the month-to-month and year-to-year changes in inpatient revenue, inpatient volume, and outpatient revenue for all acute care hospitals in the state of Maryland. The MMFP Report also provides year to year changes in inpatient revenue, inpatient volume, inpatient length of stay, and outpatient revenue for each individual acute care hospital in Maryland. The MMFP Report, which is based on the monthly Volume and Revenue Reports, is posted to the website following each monthly Commission meeting and is used for disclosure and policy decisions.