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Data Collection and Public Disclosure

Databases Description Application
Financial Data:

Annual Revenue, Expenses
and Volume data

Audited Financial Statements

Unaudited Monthly Financial

Monthly Revenue and Volume

Wage and Salary Survey

Annual "cost report" containing
detailed (service-specific) data
on all hospital operations

Financial Statements audited by
independent audit firms

Unaudited monthly income
statements and balance sheets

Monthly report of charges and
volumes by service

Salary and benefit data for 75
categories of hospital workers

Used to align approved hospital
revenue and unit rates to match
reported service-specific unit costs

Reconciled with annual cost report
each year

Used to monitor financial performance
during the course of a year

Used for rate compliance monitoring
and enforcement

Used to establish the HSCRC's
labor market adjuster
Patient Level Case Mix Data:

Inpatient Discharge Abstract

Outpatient Abstract

Medical record abstract of clinical
demographic and billing data on
all 900,000 inpatient discharges

Medical record abstract of clinical
demographic and billing data on
all hospital outpatient encounters

For use in HSCRC's APR-DRG
based revenue constraint system

For use in HSCRC's APG-based
revenue constraint system
Major Reports/Disclosures Frequency/Timing Description
Annual Disclosure on Hospital

Financial Conditions Report

Hospital Performance Guide

Uncompensated Care
Policy Report

Special Audit Report

Reasonableness of Charges

Monitoring Maryland
Performance Report






Report on the financial operations and
performance of all Maryland hospitals

Review of the financial health
of the Maryland hospital industry

Comparative reporting on hospital
pricing and quality

Report on uncompensated care
funding and policy

Reports results of audit procedures
specified by HSCRC and conducted
by independent auditors

Peer-to-peer hospital comparisons
on standardized charges per case/visit

Report that tracks rates of growth
in charges and volumes