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Maryland All-Payer Hospital System Modernization

Stakeholder Engagement

This website contains information about Maryland’s All-Payer Hospital System Modernization initiatives and will serve as a point of communication between the HSCRC and key stakeholders as we plan for implementation of proposed changes to the system. General Questions related to the Stakeholder Engagement Process should be submitted to


Maryland's All-Payer Model Agreement was approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on January 10, 2014. The Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) is now in the process of implementation. The model grants Maryland broad discretion in regulating Medicare hospital revenue within a rigorous per capita expenditure limit under the existing statutory authority of the HSCRC. The model builds on decades of innovation and equity in health care payment and delivery by modernizing our "all-payer" rate setting system for hospital services. Our shared goal is a health care system that enhances patient care, improves health outcomes, and lowers costs.

Stakeholder Engagement Process org chart
The Commission and the stakeholders face an unprecedented need to work together to make the design of the new system and implementation of the transition successful. As part of its implementation strategy, the HSCRC is convening an Advisory Council to provide guidance on design of the new system and Work Groups to provide advice on implementation. The Chart below reflects the Advisory Council and Workgroups which are being convened.

The Advisory Council

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide a forum for discussion and debate among stakeholders that can generate solutions and, when consensus is not possible, identify issues for the Staff’s information and the Commissioners’ consideration for action. The Advisory Council will provide broad input on the guiding principles for the HSCRC to consider in implementation of the new payment systems design. Advisory Council meetings will be open to the public, and the Council will solicit public feedback throughout this process. Additional Information about the Advisory Council, including its membership, charge and meeting schedule can be found on the following: Advisory Council Webpage

Implementation Workgroups

The purpose of the workgroups is to provide expertise and input on state of the art approaches and the feasibility of possible solutions. Workgroups will be convened on more specific topics and will provide advice on both interim policy decisions and more permanent policy changes.

Workgroup meetings will be open to the public and the workgroups will solicit public feedback throughout this process.

The Workgroups include:

The descriptions of the workgroups are available in the following document: HSCRC Workgroups Descriptions. Further information about the Workgroups including appointments, meeting schedules and materials will be posted on this website in the near future. If you have any questions about the workgroups or want additional information, please contact or the respective workgroup.

Joint Workgroup Kickoff Meeting - February 6, 2014
Meeting Agenda

All-Payer Model
Rate Setting

Payment Methods
Advisory Council Report

Work Groups
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